César Raimundo Peris Escrich  

Zaragoza/Burriana (Castellón) Spain

César lives and works in Zaragoza and Madrid-Spain. He is the Principal percussionist of contemporary music groups Plural Ensemble-Madrid and Enigma-Ocaz-Zaragoza. Artistic director of the instrumental group Nuevo Contemporaneo, is head of the CSMA percussion department.

He has been Principal percussionist of Galicia Symphony Orchestra 1999/92 and principal timpani of the Royal Galician Philarmonic 2001/00. He has participated with OENM from Salzburg and with Siglo XX from La Corunya, SINKRO from Vitoria and other contemporary groups.

He has participated with the Israel Symphony Orchestra , Cadaques, Ciudad de Barcelona, Palau de les Arts Valencian Orchestra, Euskadi, Granada, Principado de Asturias,  Navarra, Reina Sofia orchestras and he has been conducted by Zubin Mehta, Péter Eötvös, Sir. N. Marriner, K. Penderecki, M. Rostropovich, J. Savall, P. Maag, Jesús Lopez Cobos,  H. Rilling, Victor Pablo, M.Zumalave  among others. He has performed with soloists as renowned as  M. Maiski, P. Domingo, F.Peter Zimmermann,K. Zimmermann, L.Fleisher, G. Sokolov, A. Volodos, A. Kraus and many others.

Percussion teacher at the National Youth Orchestra of Spain Contemporary Music Academy (JONDE), Basque Youth Orchestra, EGO, School of Orchestral Practice of the Galician Symphony orchestra OSG, and at the School of Higher Music Sudies of The  Galician Royal Philharmonic. César is invited by the Haute école de musique de Genève-Switzerland and has given classes at the International Courses of Merza Pontevedra-Spain, Pyrenees Canfran-Huesca, International Music and Dance Courses in Santander-Spain and at the International Courses of Music, Art and Process of Agruparte Vitoria-Spain.

Head of the percussion department of the Higher Music Conservatory of Aragon (CSMA)  and winner of the “RE-percusión 2005” award, for his work in the difusion and production  of  contemporary music for percussion.

He has performed his projects and work with diferent groups in Europe, Asia, The United States of America, Brazil, Argentina, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, and in Europe; Russia, Italy, France, Holland, Germany, England, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Portugal, Andorra and Spain.

He has recorded with col-legno (Munich), Verso, Audivis Valois, Autor, Tritó, Bmg Ariola, Nova Classics, Naïve, Diverdi, Neos, claves records,  Rdc-NoTen and NC. He has released the CD “Punto y Aparte”  featuring the music of Bartok, Varèse and Palacios,  and  the CD “periferias sonoras” with NC-limited , Iberoamerican electroacustic music, distributed  by www.trito.es

Musical Investigation Master 2017 at the Valencian International University SL.



periferias sonoras 2008


punto y aparte 1998


professional artistic activities


Plural Ensemble Madrid-Spain

pincipal perccssion present-1998

Enigma-Ocaz Zaragoza-Spain

pincipal percussion present-2001

Nuevo Contemporáneo

musical director present-1997

Galician Royal Philarmonic

pincipal timpani 2001-1999

Galicia Symphony Orchestra  OSG

principal percussion 1999-1992

professional educational activities

Higher Music Conservatory of Aragon CSMA present-2002

Haute école de musique

Genève-Switzerland 2014-2015

Professional Music Conservatory of Zaragoza-Spain  2001-1998

School of Higher Music Studies of the Galician Royal Philarmonic  Santiago de Compostela-Spain 2000-1998

Higher Music Conservatory of

A Coruña-Spain 1998-1995

School of Orchestral Practice of the Galician Symphony Orchestra  OSG 

A Coruña-Spain 1998-1992

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