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time and place 2011

Experimental and electroacoustic music incorporating gestures, voice, video and dance. Hypnotic compositions such as infinite loops, sound installations where an electro-acoustic orchestra adds to this exciting world of invention and reinterpretation from a robotic, dehumanised, futurist point of view via a host  of  references with a nod towards different moments in the history of  art and minimalism.

fundación BBVA conciertos de solistas 2010/2011

César Peris performe Rebons A and B  by Iannis Xenakis for solo percussion, La Celèste by Jose Manuel López López for vibes and video-tape,  Monos y liebres by Luis de Pablo for bass clarinet and marimba with the guest clarinet  Emilio Ferrando and Temazcal by Javier Álvarez for maracas and video-tape in the Madrid BBVA foundatión concert soloist 2010/11.

BBVA foundation is an expression of commitment with this concert cycles in Madrid and Bilbao .

V aniversario “la música que no es música hasta que no se escucha” 2010

Since 2005 CSMA PERCUSSION GROUP produced concerts for young people entitled “music which is not music until it is heard” conducted by César Peris and lorenzo Ferrandiz and presented by Charly Taylor in the Zaragoza CSMA auditorium which have been seen by more than 25,000 Aragonese adolescents. Ligeti-Xenakis 2006, Silence-Cage 2007, lo que hay que oír 2008, Varèse 2009, Steve Reich 2010, are the didactic cycles that you can see here in this 5th anniversary video.

7.S.D. seven simulated dimensions 2009

In 2009 the CSMA percussion group/tendencies conducted by César Peris performed in the 5th anniversary concert in the YOESTUVE cycle wih Dj Chelis and video jockey Yago de Mateo, receiving five stars for excellence  from the specialist music critics of the Heraldo de Aragon Spain newspaper.

wozzeck 2009

“Wozzek” by Alban Berg. Visual show of a world in decline. Nuevo Contemporaneo observe the harsh laws of human exploitation through the work of Alban Berg using everyday images. Tom Waits’ music provides the background to an image-less prelude – the expressive force of words and silence – then three visual acts with extracts from Berg’s opera, “Wozzek”

periferias 2009-2007

Electroacustic music and images for percussion with electronics in real time. Music by Javier Álvarez (Mexico), Daniel Almada (Argentina) and Jose Manuel López López (Spain) and premieres by  Aurelio Edler (Brazil) and Jesús Navarro (Spain).

Pascal Auger (France) and Juan Luis Campoy (spain) videocreations to the  Jose Manuel López López music “La Celèste” and Javier Álvarez “Temazcal”.  Yago de Mateo video jockey  in real time, Adolfo García sound engineer, and César Peris percussion are the artists who make up Periferias Sonoras.

gohan 2007

The Percussion Group of CSMA conducted by César Peris performed with the international video artist Casey Reas and the DJ Chelis on electronics. The Gohan project was introduced  by David Cuartielles, telecommunications engineer and artist and this brought the three artists together for the first time in “work in progress - John Cage music” with lectures, performances and real time video interventions at the Eduardo del Pueyo Auditorium in Zaragoza-Spain.

stockhausen globokar 2006

Bertol Brecht’s texts with compositions of Vinko Globokar  and elctronic music from the friday and saturday Light Operas from Karlheinz Stockhausen first time in Spain was performance with  electroacustic music and  visuals in real time.

luz difusa 2005

Old time recreation from the beginnings of cinema in a Japanese theatre, with electronic and oriental music. The visual possibilities available to the first explorers of light in movement, re-interpreted by the visual creations of  Juan luis Campoy.

claro oscuro 2005

Light intervention sponsored by Ayuntamiento de Hijar at the XX Jornadas de Exaltación del Tambor y Bombo (The 20th Congress for the ‘Exaltation of the Drum’”), Clairoscur is a musical recreation with pieces by the composer Xenakis and Tom de Lew’s electronics with light architecture projections conducted by César Peris  inspired by some of James Turrel’s pieces.

drumming 2004

The difficult rhythmic piece “Drumming (part 1)”, composed by Steve Reich with choreography by Myriam Agar  and conducted by César Peris. Video intervention, dance, and music are mixed with time transformation through movement and percussion.

a la tierra 2003

Japanese music, electronics, old texts, dance, and video arts in real time. Twenty musicians present the first multidisciplinary work of Nuevo Contemporaneo in Zaragoza. Juan Luis Campoy, visual direction, and Guillermo Sanchez, artistic scenic direction, show this first promotional video clip with images of the Iberica Sales (“old salt mine”) in Remolinos-Zaragoza with the dancers Estefania Aineto and Antonio Muñoz with choreography by Miryam Agar, and conducted by César Peris in the “Music through the time festival” at the History Centre in Zaragoza-Spain.

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