works 2012  time and place

Experimental and electroacoustic music incorporating gestures, voice, video and dance. Some of the many influences are artists such as Pierre Bastien, Matthew Herbert, Fátima Miranda and Mederith Monk among others and creators such as Cage, Pärt, Reich, Varèse and Stockhausen. Hypnotic compositions such as infinite loops, sound installations where an electro-acoustic orchestra adds to this exciting world of invention and reinterpretation from a robotic, dehumanised, futurist point of view via a host  of  references with a nod towards different moments in the history of  art and minimalism.

Time and place was premiered at the Ribagorza festival 2010, XIV Clásicos en la frontera, Graus-Huesca and at the summer festival Classics in the park Rodalquilar-Nijar -Gold mine space of the Cabo de Gata-Almería Natural Park.

Angel Luis Quinatana (guest cello),  DJ Chelis (electronics), VJ Yago de Mateo (video), Mariana Palacios (piano-voice-performance) and Jaime Fernandez, Eloy Lureña and César Peris (percussion, electronics  and performance).

2010, July 26th

La voz de Almería by Guillermo Fuertes

...a show which has been planned down to the last millimetre to offer   a wordless speech through the accumulation of sensations...

2010, July 26th Diario de Almeria

...pure suggestion,  the pure joy of mixing the unmixable...

...a moving, sincere cello performance...

2010, July 6th  Diario del Alto Aragón by Elena Fortuño

...rhythmic cycles which produce a second layer of perception in the audience producing collective memories....

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