works 2003 to the earth

Japanese music, electronics, old texts, dance, and video arts in real time. Twenty musicians present the first multidisciplinary work of Nuevo Contemporaneo in Zaragoza. Juan Luis Campoy, visual direction, and Guillermo Sanchez, artistic scenic direction, show this first promotional video clip with images of the Iberica Sales (“old salt mine”) in Remolinos-Zaragoza with the dancers Estefania Aineto and Antonio Muñoz with choreography by Miryam Agar, and conducted by César Peris in the “Music through the time festival” at the History Centre in Zaragoza-Spain.

David Apellaniz y Angel Luís Quintana (cellos), Marianne Lecler (Harp), Pablo Coello (saxs), Alonso Martinez, Carlos Bernal and Adrián Ribao (guitars),  Pablo Regas (electronics); Quique Muñoz and Rafa Rodriguez (sampler); Estefanía Aineto and Antonio Muñoz (dance); 

Mariángeles Dieste, Rubén García, Rubén Isla, Fernando Llopis, Marina Quilez, Luis Tabuenca Javier Villar, J.Manuel Joven (2008 csma percussion team); Juan Collazo . Ton Risco,   Roberto Oliveira  and  Antonio Ocampo (Odaiko Percusion Group).

Eva ballester (make up); Liduvina Ansó (fotography); Meritxel Soler (camara operator); Alberto Moreno (sound engineer 2003 Zaragoza Festival); Roger Rey (light virtual concept festival Pontevedra).

Myriam Agar (choreography Subsonic NC limited)

visual direction; Juan Luís Campoy

scenic direction; Guillermo Sanchez

direction; César Peris