works soloists concerts 2010/11  BBVA foundation


Bilbao Fundación BBVA Plaza de San Nicolás, 4 Bilbao

Monos y Liebres Luis de PABLO -marimba+clarinete bajo-  

Ciclo de conciertos de música contemporánea Fundación BBVA

Enigma Ocaz

13.11.2010  Madrid Palacio del Marqués de Salamanca, paseo de Recoletos, 10 Madrid


Ciclo de conciertos de solistas Fundación BBVA 2010/2011

Plural Ensemble


Moscú  CEBOH 2009-2010

Monos y Liebres Luis de PABLO -marimba+clarinete bajo-  

Ciclo de conciertos  músicas actuales siglo XXI

Enigma Ocaz


Paris Eglise Lutherienne Saint Marcel. 24 rue Pierre Nicole. Paris

Monos y Liebres Luis de PABLO -marimba+clarinete bajo-  

Enigma Ocaz


Zaragoza Auditorio de Zaragoza  sala Luis Galve Calle de Eduardo Ibarra, 3 Zaragoza

Monos y Liebres Luis de PABLO -marimba+clarinete bajo-  

XV temporada de conciertos auditorio de Zaragoza

Enigma Ocaz

Monos y liebres 1995 marimba and bass clarinet

De Pablo, Luis

In recent years the late eighties and early nineties of last century, Luis de Pablo made several visits to Japan, where he attended concerts, premieres and important case that he spent in Tokyo and other cities. If both Louis and his wife, the exquisite painter Marta Cardenas, were old connoisseurs, tastemakers and fans of oriental art, particularly Japanese art, it is logical to think that those trips would result in the deepening such tastes.

Monkeys and hares can be a witness to this, as it is born of a composition in response to the impression that the composer was a contemplation of Japanese drawings of the twelfth and fourteenth centuries in which animals are represented, uniquely monkeys hares, anthropomorphic treated. The satirical side is obvious, but the sheer realism, which goes far beyond mere criticism of manners, gives them a character a little disturbing, wrote Luis de Pablo, concluding: "My work is not a description, moreover impossible, but sound rather the result of a strong visual excitement".