works Contemporary Music 2010/11

       BBVA  Foundation / Plural Ensemble



Alberto Rosado, piano I; Carlos Apellaniz, piano II

César Peris, vibes; Jaime Fernandez, marimba

2011, july 21

Rojas Theater, Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid

Plural Ensemble

2011, may 4

Contemporary Music Concerts 2010/11

BBVA Foundation-Plural Ensemble

Auditorio Nacional de Música sala de cámara. Madrid-Spain

Linea 1973 Luciano Berio

Line is a ballet premiered in Grenoble in 1974 with choreography by Felix Blaska and his own dance company he founded in 1969. It is an abstract ballet divided into thirteen parts that are performed without interruption and that alternates three manèges (Nos. 1, 4 and 9), four ensembles (3,5,7 and 12), two between (2 and 8), two codas (9 and 11), allegro (10) and a concluding night. The homogeneity of timbre is accentuated by the shape of music, which alternates writing sympathetic parties and the parties free (but measured). The work is a monody in unison (hence the title of the work) based on the third ascending minor (C sharp-E), which are incorporated on the upper and lower color grades, and that little little, different individual parts emerge from the circles (manèges) of different groups. The pianos are in good part of their course, a script monodic even in unison. The work is dedicated to Vittoria Ottolenghi, critic, essayist and scholar of the history of ballet. Heard as pure music, is a text of rare elegance and sobriety that functions as a series of changes and subsequent modifications of a single material highly restricted and carefully dosed.